Custom Traffic Cones

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Custom Traffic Cones

We introduce our Plastic Cone, a versatile and efficient solution in traffic management and signaling in different situations

Its hexagonal design and robust base transforms it into the ideal option to use in highways, road constructions, and work areas, providing a clear and visible signaling.

Key Features:

  • Surface for Messages: The Custom Traffic Cone offer an outstanding area for messages, this can be for warnings, advertising or information campaigns.
  • Customization: The possibility to print a message via digital press, making of this cone a flexible and adaptive option to satisfy the specific needs.
  • Resistant to UV-protection and Impacts: Manufactured in resistant materials to impacts and UV-protection, guaranteeing durability and visibility to long term, even in adverse climate conditions.
  • Versatile Use: In addition to its main function of signaling, this can be used as Traffic Delineator, safely distributing, separating or fusion lanes.


Additional Features:

  • Luminous Cap (optional): Custom your cone with a luminous cap to optimize visibility in low light conditions.
  • Reinforced Stability: Fill the base with sand or water for an improved stability, allowing the cone to withstand winds of 45 mph.
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor: Its versatility extends its ability to adapt in both environments, performing the adequate standards for night works.
  • Optional Reflective: Increase visibility adding reflective stripes, alerting drivers in low-light conditions.
  • Easy to Transport: Stackable cones are easy to transport and store efficiently.


  • Hexagonal Base: 7.8 in. per side
  • Height: 4.9 ft
  • Advertising Diameter: 11.8 in
  • Color: Orange with base in black

This semi-flexible cone is presented as an optimal solution for effective and safe signaling in different road circumstances.


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