Yellow Traffic Cones

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Yellow Traffic Cones

Yellow Traffic Cones are the ideal option to guarantee safety and organization in different environments, thanks to their unique features and innovative design.

These semi-flexibles cones not only stand out for their resistance to impacts, but are manufactured in one-piece, a quadrangular base with rounded edges that provide stability.


Key Features:

  • Resistance to impacts: The semi-flexible cones by nature, offer exceptional resistance to impacts, ensuring durability and log-term maintenance.
  • Quadrangular Design: The quadrangular base not only contributes to stability, but facilitate their stack for a convenient store.
  • High Night Visibility: Design, color and weight are combined to offer optimal visibility during night, guaranteeing safety in any environment.
  • Total Safety: Without sharp edges or metal parts, these cones are harmless, prioritizing the safety in their usage.
  • Incomparable Durability: Resistant to extreme climate conditions, such as snow, temperature changes and UV-rays, this product proofs its durability in any environment.


Versatile Applications:

  • Traffic Deviations: Ideal to safely indicate deviations and redirect traffic.
  • Road Works: Their presence stands out in road works, guaranteeing the attention of drivers and pedestrians.
  • Traffic Count: Used in traffic counter-flows and projects of vehicular count.
  • Accident Prevention: Contributes to prevent accidents in slipping areas or unexpected events.



  • Base: 26.0 cm. (7.87 in) per side
  • Height: 45.0 cm. (17.70 in)


The Yellow Traffic Cones delimit and offer a comprehensive solution that combines resistance, visibility and safety, all in one tool.

Ensure the success of your products with reliable and versatile products, such as Traffic Cone with Light or Colored Traffic Cones.


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