Colored Traffic Cones

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Colored Traffic Cones

In the constant challenge to maintain road safety, the Colored Traffic Cones arise as reliable guardians in roads and paths.

Essential Features:

  • Stackable: Perfect for efficient storage and easy to transport.
  • Optional Reflective: Available with or without reflective bands for  optimal visibility.
  • UV-resistance: Designed to resist long-exposure to sunlight.
  • Traffic Deviation: Essential tool to safely redirect traffic flow.
  • Versatile Markers: Ideal for temporary signaling in roads and paths.
  • Reflective Straps: Alert drivers in low-light conditions.
  • Hexagonal Base: Provide stability and balance.
  • Durability to Impacts: Resistant to shocks and impacts.
  • Base: This can be fill with sand to increase its stability.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Usage: Adaptable to different environment conditions.
  • Night Standards: Comply with the requirements for night works.
  • Resists winds of 43.4 mph: Maintain its place even in adverse climate conditions.
  • Variety of colors: Customization in blue, yellow, orange, et al.


The Essence of Stability: 

An individual feature of these cones is the solid base in black. This base guarantees stability and balance, avoiding tipping caused by extreme winds or vehicular traffic.

The black base is not only aesthetically appealing, but also ensures that the cones perform their function effectively by maintaining its position and being easily visible.

Strategical Usages:

Colored Traffic Cones stand out for their many applications:

  • Traffic Control: Delimit lanes, guide drivers and sign temporary deviations.
  • Road Works: Warn about construction zones, workers and changes in traffic flow.
  • Events and shows: Manage attendees and pedestrians, maintaining safe environments.
  • Accidents and emergencies: Sign accidents and alert about imminent dangerous situations.



  • Length: 3.2 ft
  • Base Width: 15.5 in


Discover the versatility and reliability of our Colored Traffic Cones, your essential ally to maintain road safety in any situation.

Trust in our experience and the superior quality of our products, such as the Plastic Orange Cones. Your safety is our top priority.


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