Plastic Orange Cones

Nombre: Cono Flexible 45

Código: CNSF-45


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Plastic Orange Cones

These innovative Plastic Orange Cones with a super- flexible design and squared-base, stands as an exceptional option for temporary traffic management.

Its flexibility guarantees an immediate recovery of its original shape after vehicle’s run overs.

Resistant to UV-ray, difficulty to ignite, these cones are essential elements for road safety.

Key Features:
  • Flexibility and Memory: Its ability to return to its original shape after a run over or impact ensures an exceptional durability.
  • UV-Security: Resistant to the adverse effects of the UV-rays, guaranteeing a long lifespan.
  • Controlled Flammability: Low flammability and self-extinguishing providing additional security in different situations.
  • Effective Diversion: Effectively diverts traffic when necessary, offering a safe temporary solution.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for construction projects, car crashes or mark roads and paths.
  • Resistant Base: Base made of black PVC, ensuring stability and resistance to turn or fall.
  • Wind Resistance: Designed to withstand winds up to 43 mph, ensuring stability and adverse conditions.
  • Outdoor and Indoor Use: Versatility to adapt to any environment.
  • Night Regulatory Compliance: Comply with the security standards for night works, providing visibility in low-light conditions.
  • Stackable and Storable: Facilitates its storage and transport thanks to its stackable design.
  • Reflective Options: Available with or without reflective bands to alert drivers in low-light conditions.


  • Base: 10.4 in. per side.
  • Height: 17.7 in. (18″)


These Plastic Orange Cones offer a complete and reliable solution for traffic management, that stands out for its versatility and in compliance with traffic safety standards.

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