Blue Traffic Cones

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Blue Traffic Cones

Experience excellence with our Blue Traffic Cones, a revolution in road signaling.

Manufactured in poliflexy, these cones standout for its exceptional resistance, exceeding the conventional PVC cones.

The difference? Our material is treated with UV-protection, offering an awesome durability up to 10 years, resisting the deformation overtime, without fading or cracking  due to sun exposure

Incomparable Advantages:

  • Superior Resistance: Poliflexy material that surpass the applications of the conventional PVC.
  •  Extended Durability: Over 10 years of lifespan without committing quality or integrity.
  • UV-Protection: Guarantees exceptional resistance to harmful sun-rays.

Strategical Applications: Ideally suggested for work zones, road repairs, or any place where is required a clear signaling of dangers or deviations.

Its versatility change this cone into a perfect option to ensure safety in road projects.

Outstanding Functionalities:

  • High visibility: Line vibrant colors, such as orange, yellow and blue, to enhance effective signaling.
  • Compact Design: Stackable with convenient size to easily transport, ideal to carry on a trunk.
  • Impact Resistance: Body manufactured in one-piece of polyflexy, offering flexibility and shape-recovery after impacts.


Additional Details:

  • Polymer Fusion: A resistant and inseparable join with the body of the cone.
  • Customized Options: Color upon request.
  • Night Versatility: Option to add engineer grade reflective ring for greater visibility at night.
  • Heavy-Base Versions: Offer additional stability in heavy traffic conditions, wind or rain.



  • Base: 14.5 in per side
  • Height: 35.8 in
  • Color: Orange, yellow, or blue.


Take road signaling to the next level with our Blue Traffic Cones, your safe choice for incomparable durability.

Discover our great variety of Plastic Cones and pick the best one, according to your project.


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