Plastic Cone

Código: CNSF-71

Nombre: Cono Superflexible 71



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This traffic cone is made with a resistant material and UV-protection, offering an exceptional durability and life span for over 2 years.

Its versatility and resistance create an ideal option for various applications, from work zones, accidents or collisions in highways, to parking lots and transport or storage in the trunk of the car.

Key Features: 

  • Extended UV-Resistance: Guarantees over 2 years of lifespan, even under a constant sunlight exposure.
  • Versatility of Usage: Indicated to prevent drivers in work zones, accidents, and events. Perfect for parking lots and transport to different places.
  • Global Demand: Product highly demanded to international level due its stackability, practicality and ease of transport.
  • First Class Device for Traffic Management: The exceptional flexibility and multiple sizes (17.71 / 24.8 / 28.54 / 35.62 in) create a traffic management device of first class.


Resistant Structure:

  • PVC Body: Manufactured in one-piece for exceptional flexibility and resistance to impact. Recovers its vertical position after run-overs.
  • Quadrangular Base of solid PVC: Difficult to tip, and provide additional stability.
  • Flexible Device with Memory: Remember and maintain the original shape, guaranteeing a long lifespan.


Versatile Usages:

  • Diversion Markers: Ideal to mark diversions when it is necessary.
  • Safe Traffic Redirecting: Able to safely redirect traffic under any climate condition.
  • Lane Distribution: Perfect to fusion and divide lanes, according to needs.
  • Wind Resistance: Design and weight that withstands winds up to 40 mph.
  • Stackable: Easy to transport and storage, making a premium product for exportation.
  • Reflective Ring: Recommended for an optimal performance in low-light conditions.


  • Base: 12.2 in. per side
  • Height: 27.9 in.(28″)


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