Traffic Cones with Reflective Tape

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Traffic Cone with Reflective Tape

This innovative cone stands out for its exceptional resistance, thanks to its material with UV-protection, that guarantees over 2 years of life span.

Its versatility creates the perfect choice for various applications, from highway signaling to warnings in work zones, accidents and other events.

This Plastic Cone is ideal to use in parking lots, as easily transport in the trunk of the car, it doesn’t matter the circumstance.

Key Features: 

  • Four available sizes: 17.71, 24.8, 28.54 and 35.62 in.
  • PVC body molded in one-piece to achieve an exceptional visibility and resistance to impacts. Recovers its vertical position after an impact or run-over.
  • Quadrangular base in solid PVC that avoid tipping.
  •  This cone is considered as a flexible element with memory, that maintains its original shape.
  • Functions as a diversion marker, when necessary.
  • Able to safely redirect traffic under any climate condition.
  • Optimal device for lane distribution, fusion and division of rails.
  • Design and weight that withstand winds up to 40 mph.
  • Stackable, to facilitate transport and storage, creating a premium product for exportation.
  • It is recommended the use of reflective for an optimal performance during night hours.



  • Base: 12.2 in. per side
  • Height: 35.8 in. (36″)
  • Colors: Orange, yellow, green or blue.


This Traffic Cone with Reflective Tape not only complies with the highest quality standards, but offer effective solutions for traffic flow control. Trust in the durability and versatility of our product to satisfy signaling needs.


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