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Led Road Signs

The LED Road Signs are luminous panels and boards which are installed on highways and roads to display important information and messages to drivers. The luminous signs of highways are fundamental to maintain drivers informed and safe in roads.

What are LED Road Signs?

The LED Road Signs are visual devices that use lighting to standout messages, logos or information in low-light or dark conditions.

The technology of our LED Road Signs uses latest generation LED technology to provide a powerful and efficient lighting.

LED Road Signs are suggested to install in many places as stores, restaurants, commercial buildings, shop entries, highways and special events.

The advantages of LED Road Signs are energy-efficient, long life span, option of versatile colors and are easy to maintain.

Yes, LED Road Signs can be customized with different fonts, sizes, colors and visual effects adapting to the specific needs or requests of the client.

Yes, they are. A lot of our LED Road Signs are designed specifically for outdoor usage and can withstand diverse climate conditions.