Led Road Sign

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LED Road Sign

Discover signaling excellence with our LED Road Sign that is designed to standout the beginning of a state or city, also used for special events as expos, commemorations and festivities.

Experience convenience and affordability in any detail, due our products are inexpensive and are installed easily and quickly. Manufactured in medium density polyethylene with UV protection, guaranteeing durability and resistance against elements.

Key Features:

  • Medium density polyethylene with UV-protection: guarantee resistance to inclemency, prolonging the shelf life of the sign and preserving its original appearance.
  • Easy installation: Our LED Road Signs are designed thinking in the ease of installation to stand out without complications.
  • Total Customization: We are able to adapt the measures and colors according to your specific needs, ensuring a signaling that adjust perfectly to your vision.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal to inaugurate states or cities, as to mark special events as expos, commemorations and festivities.


Experience the difference with our LED Road Signs, where quality and customization fusion to offer a unique and memorable signaling. We provide you more than a board or signs, is a visual declaration that lasts in the memory of those who see it.

Complement your signaling with our LED Road Signs, such as the LED Traffic Signs. Stand out your message with our exceptional LED Road Signs!


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