Reversible Lane Sign

Nombre: Señal Reversible

<strong>Código: SÑ-REV</strong>


reversible lane sign

Reversible Lane Sign

The Reversible Lane Sign has a square shape with LED’s to indicate lane’s direction and modification; stands out as a comprehensive solution to improve traffic flow in urban areas.

These Reversible Lanes are strategically used to adapt traffic demands, mainly implemented during rush hours in cities.

Advantages and Features:

  • Reversible lanes answers the traffic demand, enhancing the use of lanes and reducing traffic jam.
  • In order to satisfy traffic needs,  these lanes allow a bidirectional driving, providing flexibility and optimizing driving time.
  • Its design is created for urban areas. The reversible lanes address the issues of traffic congestion in critical areas.
  • Road safety is essential, as it is careful planning that includes barriers and signs, this with the purpose of a safe driving.
  • Reversible Lane Sign is composed by an square indicator. Manufactured in black polyethylene, weather resistant and temperature resistant.
  • Lightweight body, recyclable and stackable to reduce transportation
  • Solar Power System with latest generation LED’s provides 16 continuous hours and synchronizes through an electronic circuit.

Recommendations and Additional Use:

  • Explore our wide range of warning signs, and find the perfect device to complement your Reversible Lane Sign.
  • According to the traffic demand, is a key element to favor traffic flow in urban areas.


Reversible lanes and its signaling are considered strategical solutions to optimize urban mobility, highlighting its versatility and traffic efficiency.


  • Total: Length: 40.5 in
    Width: 3.1 in
    Height: 40.5 in
  • Sign Dimensions:
    Length: 39.3 in
    Height: 39.3 in
  • Brightness:
    Latest generation,
    ultra-bright LED’s.
    Color: Red, green and amber.


Discover the solar speed hump, an effective device to control speed, essential to reduce risks and develop awareness.

Additional information

Dimensions63 × 6.1 × 80 cm


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