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Impact AttenuatorS

Impact attenuators are ideal to place on forks, detours or toll booths, its function is protect and safeguard the life of the driver that collisions or impact against these zones.

What are Impact Attenuators?

Impact Attenuators are objects used to reduce the strength of an impact between a vehicle and an obstacle. These objects are designed to absorb the energy of the impact, cushioning it and avoiding the transmission of the energy to the vehicle, helping to reduce damages.

The Impact Attenuators have different applications, such as: 

  • Cyclist and pedestrian protection:

    Impact Attenuators can be used to protect cyclists and pedestrians from vehicles that get off the road or crash against obstacles.

  • Vehicle Protection: Impact Attenuators can be used to protect vehicles from damages in case of accidents.

  • Traffic Control: Impact Attenuators can be used to control traffic, for example… to prevent vehicles deviate of their lane.
  • The durability of Impact Attenuators may variate according to the material of construction and climate conditions. In general, the attenuators manufactured in polyethylene have a resistance to UV-rays and offer a long-life span and greater resistance to inclemency.

  • Yes, Impact Attenuators are designed and manufactured in compliance with road safety standards. In particular, it must be ensuring the compliance of these local regulations and specific standards, as the Mexican Official Standard NOM-008-SCT2-2013 in Mexico to guarantee efficacy and legality.

  • The installation of Impact Attenuators in suggested in critical points as the dangerous curves, construction zones, pedestrian crossings and areas where the collision risk is higher

Our Impact Attenuators are made of polyethylene, a highly resistant plastic material with UV protection, creating a considerable protection in these products.

Charge through solar light and LED lights, these innovations are eco-friendly and UV-resistant.

Depending on the type and severity of an impact. Some Impact Attenuators are designed to be reusable after certain types of collisions, whilst some other may need a replacement.