Temporary Impact Attenuator

Nombre: Absorb 190 Económico

Código: ABSORB-190


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temporary impact attenuator

Temporary Impact Attenuator

The Temporary Impact Attenuator is in innovative road product that stands out for its ability to safeguard vehicles in critical zones of highways.

This Temporary Impact Attenuator cushions efficiently the energy generated by front impacts on its front end.

  • Main Features:
    • Special design to absorb front impacts.
    • This device can transfer the momentum to particles as sand or water.
    • Its purpose is a safe and controlled slow down.
  • Applications and Advantages:
    • Ideal for ample space areas and a transit field with an opposite direction to the impact.
    • Effective protection element in critical points of the medium speed tracks.
    • Can be used as a warning sign in rain systems.
  • Advanced Technology:
    • Self filling system with rain water.
    • Great protection to low cost.
    • Reflective strips for an optimal visibility.
  • Resistance and statutory compliance:
    • Resistance to regular impacts without cracking or breaking.
    • Impact Attenuators without redirection.
    • Comply with Norma NOM-008-SCT2-2013.
  • Construction and Durability
    • Solid structure manufactured in polyethylene.
    • UV-resistance for better durability to inclemency.



  • Diameter: 22.8 in
  • Height: 35.6 in
  • Volume: 50.1 gal
  • Colors: Yellow or blue.
  • Reflective Sheeting: white, red or amber.


In conclusion, this device absorbs impact and is more than a simple Temporary Impact Attenuator is a comprehensive solution that guarantees vehicles safety in compliance with strictest regulatory standards.

Its intelligent design and versatility creates the ideal option to protect dangerous points in highways and roadways.

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