Stationary Impact Attenuator Vehicle

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Stationary Impact Attenuator Vehicle

The innovative Stationary Impact Attenuator is the ideal option for service trucks, providing robust structure and safety features, designed for collisions.

Manufactured in a 2 1⁄2 × 21 ⁄2 RHS chassis, this truck not only complies with security standards but also offers an exceptional performance.


Key Features:

  • Efficient Impact Attenuator: 
    • Acts as a shock cushion, providing an additional protection layer in collision situations.
  • Robust Load Capacity:
    • Two axes with up to 7,000 lbs. load capacity, with a lifting platform from 7 to 10 in to transport essential materials and equipment.
  • All Terrain Tires: 
    • 4 tires of 15″ with T nuts 4 prong, equipped with all terrain tires to guarantee an optimal performance in different environments.
  • Efficient Breaking System:
    • 4 sets of 13/4″ four blades spring, with axle spindle for the brake controller and male-female assemblies.
  • Integral Security Design: 
    • Plastic water tank with a 264-gal capacity, structural reinforcements with two entrances, two 1 1⁄2, exits and medium density polyethylene bumper reinforced with polyurethane.
  • Additional Elements: 
    • The attenuator has an intermittent sign, tail lights, green support and spare tire for a complete functionality and additional security.



  • Length: 31 ft
  • Height: 7.5 ft
  • Width: 7.8 ft
  • Reflective: white or amber


With the Stationery Impact Attenuator Vehicle, you’re ensuring efficiency in cargo transport and providing a maximum resistance in emergency situations

Explore the calm this comprehensive solution offers you for attenuator trucks.

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