Traffic Attenuator

Nombre: Multi-Impactador 7

Código: MI-7


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Traffic Attenuator

Experience our new traffic security for highways and roadways with the groundbreaking Traffic Attenuator.

This innovative cushioning system is a highlight of highways and pedestrians’ protection.

We present distinguished features to understand how this redefines safety in transport.

Key Features:

  1. Multi-Impact Attenuator 7:
    • Section 1: Flexible cushioning with closed micro cells with air (Vitemflex plates) to begin the absorption at the moment of the impact.
    • Section 2: Retractile scissor system that continues absorbing part of the strength mechanically.
    • Section 3: 6 air bags designed to absorb the residual strength pneumatically.
    • Section 4: Polyethylene container that functions as device’ final ballast (can be fill with sand to an approx. capacity of 6613.86 lbs).
  2. Impressive Lateral View: 
    • Designed to withstand multiple impacts without losing shape.
    • Recovers original shape after impact, guaranteeing continuous durability and efficiency.
    • No metal elements as rails, plates or supports that usually cause damage.
  3. Dimensions and Size:
    • Ample dimensions to cover efficiently the vehicles at the moment of an impact.
    • Security Warranty due to a flexible cushioning of section 1.

Key Advantages:

  • Innovation in Impact Attenuation: The multi-impact system 7 combines advanced technologies to absorb and distribute the impact’s strength efficiently.
  • Immediate Recovery: Returns to its original shape quickly, ready to front new challenges, increasing its life span.
  • Free of Hazardous Elements: Prevents the risk of major damages caused by regular metal elements in other impact attenuators.
  • Great Size, Better security: Its dimensions guarantees an optimal covering, reducing the risk of severe damages to vehicles.



  • Length: 21.8 ft
  • Height: 4.9 ft
  • Width: 5.1 ft
  • Color: Yellow
  • Reflective Sheeting: white or amber
  • Developed according to NOM 008-SCT2-2013


This Traffic Attenuator for highways represents a groundbreaking solution to guarantee safety in roads, providing calm and confidence to users.

With the Traffic Attenuator we advance to a safer future in our high specification roads.

If you considered appealing our Traffic Attenuator, you can’t wait to see the Freeway Attenuator.


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