Impact Deflection Barriers

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impact deflection barriers

Impact Deflection Barriers

The impact Deflection Barriers are specifically designed to guarantee exceptional road safety in every journey.

Manufactured in high resistance materials, complying with the strictest standards. These barriers offer a reliable cushioning to  impacts and risks on highways and roads.

Its modular design and simple installation creates a versatile solution for several road environments.


  • The innovative engineering and design present a rolling barrier characterized by its exceptional resistance to environmental conditions and extreme temperature variations.
  • Its body incorporates high intensity reflective stripes for an optimal visibility.
  • With option to integrate new generation impact attenuators at the initial end of the Roll Defender.
  • The flexible cushioning is composed by Vitemflex plates and steel support, mounted over 5 polyurethane rollers.
  • Structure is manufactured in galvanized steel, complemented with L.P. flexible rollers for remarkable durability.
  • This advanced and functional design proves our dedication to effectiveness and safety in various environments.
  • Length: 8.7 ft. a 19.6 ft.
  • Width: 15.5 in.
  • Height: Depending on the number of rollers.
  • Reflective: amber or orange.


These Impact Deflection Barriers for highways are the ideal option to safeguard driver and pedestrian’s safety.

Our barriers offer a comprehensive and reliable solution for urban areas, as interurban sections.

Discover how to improve traffic safety with our barriers for   highway protection, ensuring a safe journey for everyone.

Complement your experience with our portable barriers or discover our complete product line, choose the best for you.


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