Guardrail Attenuator Bollard

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guardrail attenuator bollard

Guardrail Attenuator Bollard

We present you a reliable and resistant road safety friend, our Guardrail Attenuator Bollard that stands out as a protective device with a unique ability to cushion, attenuate impacts and work as a reliable traffic delineator.

In low impact crashes, returns to its original form whilst with stronger impacts attenuate and reduce the strength, minimizing the possible damages.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Performance: stands out for its dual functionality, avoiding non authorized intrusion of vehicles in restricted areas and functioning as a delineator to guide traffic.
  • Strategical Location: Ideal for rows and curves; this road accessory plays a crucial role to dissuade vehicles of parking in crosswalks or pedestrian crossings.
  • Maximum security: Manufactured in medium density polyethylene, this Guardrail Attenuator Bollard guarantees UV-protection, promising great durability in adverse environment conditions.
  • Easy to Install: Its installation is on the center of this device, being an efficient and quick complement to any traffic environment that offers immediate benefits in safety terms.

Additional Benefits:

  • Reflective Strips: Equipped with two reflective strips, this Guardrail Attenuator Bollard guarantees an improved visibility at night, ensuring an optimal safety.
  • Customized Stability: For a better performance, the Guardrail Attenuator Bollard can be filled with water or sand, providing customized stability to specific road conditions.



  • Diameter: 3.2 ft
  • Height: 35.4 in
  • Colors: yellow or granite
  • Reflective: white or amber


In conclusion, our Guardrail Attenuator Bollard is more than a resistant barrier, is a road safety guardian that promotes a safe and protected environment.

Increase your traffic security standards with this essential accessory that provides calm to drivers and pedestrians.

We invite you to explore our broad range of Impact attenuators as the excellent Temporary Impact Attenuator the ideal accessory to safeguard vehicles in highway critical zones.


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