Smart Cushion Impact Attenuator

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smart cushion impact attenuator

Smart Cushion Impact Attenuator

The innovative solution known as the Smart Cushion Impact Attenuator stands out for its advances design and avant-garde features, creating a revolutionary option to improve road safety.

Some of the key features are mentioned below:


  • Roll System with shock absorption:
    • A roll system is implemented to absorb the strength of the vehicle’s impact.
    • These rolls direct vehicle to the traffic flow, reducing mortality and severity on injuries.
    • Efficient item in highways and low speed tracks.
  • Avant-garde engineering:
    • Designed with groundbreaking technology to guarantee an optimal performance.
    • Complies with the strictest standards in road safety.
  • Environmental Resistance: 
    • Exceptional resistance to extreme environmental conditions and temperature changes.
    • Adequate for different environments, ensuring long term durability.
  • Reflective Strips: 
      • Equipped with high intensity reflective strips to improve visibility.
      • Contributes to road safety during low-light conditions.
  • New Generation Smart Cushion Impact Attenuator:
    • Optionally, integrates impact attenuators at the initial end of the roll defender.
    • It uses flexible cushioning with Vitemflex plates and steel structure, mounted over 5 polyurethane attenuators.


  • Versatile Security:
    • The roller barrier, “Roll Defender” offer configuration options according to the required security level
    • This can be simple, double or triple, depending the specific needs of each location.



  • According to the requirements asked
  • Reflective: White or amber


This backstop system it is presented as a groundbreaking solution to improve safety on low-speed tracks, highways and freeways.

The distinguished features and advanced design of the Roll Defender proves being a crucial component to reduce accidents and protect users on highways.

Complement your experience with our Smart Cushion Impact or check our complete range of Impact Attenuators and choose the best for your needs.


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