The solar powered products are a unique innovation of Multiseñal SA de CV. These products are ideal to signaling, funnel and visualize the several highway areas. Our company manufacture signs, hazard markers, bollards, road studs, et al. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Solar Products?

Solar Products are a unique innovation of Multiseñal SA de CV and are quipped with solar technology for their functioning. These products use solar energy to power LED lights, reflectors and other components, improving visibility and safety in highways, road works, parking lots and other traffic areas.

These products benefit from solar energy through the incorporation of solar cells or panels and rechargeable batteries, enabling to work autonomously without depending of electricity grid.

These can be placed in zones with curves, accesses, parking lots, highway lanes, schools, pedestrian crossings or hospital areas.

Yes, they can. Solar products only need sunlight to charge with energy their batteries through solar panels or cell.

The time may vary, but in optimal conditions, most of our products need from 5 to 8 hours approximately for a full charge.

Yes, our products are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, including snow, rain and changing temperatures.

The warranty of these products is 2 years against hidden faults and manufacturing defects.

The life span of solar batteries usually has a shelf life of many years, with an optimal performance during the first 3-5 years. After that period, these can be replaced easily.

Yes, they can. We offer different customization options, as colors, sizes and specific functions according to your needs. Call us now and receive all the available options to customize your products!

Yes, a lot of our products are designed to withstand heavy vehicle traffic and provide an efficient signaling in busy road spaces.