Arrow Boards

Nombre: Flecha bidireccional redonda

Código: FBI-142

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Arrow Boards

Experience a safer and more efficient driving with our Arrow Boards, electronic light devices designed to provide a precise traffic guidance in all-conditions.

Their double arrow shape with round edges guarantees the security to avoid any possible damage.

Key Features:

  • Right arrow, left arrow, center bar: 
    • These devices offer three essential functions or modes for an efficient traffic management.
    • Flashing or steady mode, adaptable to different traffic situations.
  • Optimal Visibility:
    • Manufactured in 18-gauge sheet and steel skeleton, guaranteeing durability and resistance.
    • 10 modules in amber or red color offer exceptional visibility up to 656 ft, ensuring driver and pedestrian’s attention.
  • Efficient Light System:
    • Optimized Energy Consumption: with 0.5 Amperes to 1 Ampere/hour.
    • 12V CD power for an easy integration with the vehicle.
    • Inherent control circuit for a reliable functioning.
  • Adaptability to Climate Conditions:
    • Designed to standout any climate condition, providing a clear guidance even in adverse situations.
  • Easy Maintenance:
    • Their power supply is directly from the vehicle’s battery, protecting the shelf life of the device through a specialized converter.

Technical Specifications:

  • Robust structure with 18-gauge sheet and steel skeleton.
  • Powerful and clear lighting, the 140.000 mcd per cluster are considered the standard.



  • Length: 4.8 ft
  • Height: 15.9 in
  • Width: 2.2 in


Transform your driving experience with our Arrow Boards, prioritizing security and efficiency in every journey.

Our innovative solution of electronic light is designed to be your reliable guide in highways. Discover our broad product line as the Solar Arrow Boards or the Arrowboard.


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