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This exceptional Arrowboard is designed to implement in diversions, construction areas with high vehicle flow and considerable speeds, it represents an advanced solution for effective management of transit.

The support, built in RHS and equipped with swivel casters provide a robust and easy to move platform for an optimal versatility in different environments.

Key Features:

  1. Programmable Monochrome LED Panel:
    • Display all the crucial information as the speed, in a clear and legible way.
    • Easy programming to adapt to the specific needs of the area.
  2. Radar Speed Gun:
    • Advanced radar technology for precise monitoring of speed.
    • Efficient functioning even in adverse climate conditions.
  3. Sheet Sign with High Intensity Reflective Sheeting: 
    • Increase visibility for day and night, for an effective warning.
    • High intensity reflective material for a more outstanding signal.
Modular and Sustainable Set:
  • The complete set provides an integral solution for traffic management.
  • Option to be electric or solar energy providing flexibility on the installation and reducing the environmental impact.
Additional Benefits:
  • Traffic Optimization: Alert visually to drivers about the road changes, enhancing traffic flow.
  • Improved Security: The radar and light signal combination reduce the incident probability and improve traffic security.
  • Easy to install and Move: The support with swivel casters ease the installation in different locations, according to the project needs.



  • Length 5.9 ft
  • Width 3.9 ft
  • Height 6.2 ft
  • Lights: Depends upon request

In summary, this Arrowboard represent an advanced and versatile solution for an efficient traffic management, as our fantastic Flashing Arrow Boards, guaranteeing a greater security and control in construction areas and high traffic flow diversions.


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