Ard Arrow

Nombre: Remolque Inteligente 

Código: RE-FLE

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Ard Arrow

Discover the maximum efficiency in road signaling with our Ard Arrow a light and flashing solution that guarantee an optimal visibility in different situations.

Manufactured with precision using a 16-gauge galvanized sheet, this device has an anti-corrosion coating and a black acrylic enamel for an exceptional durability.

Key Features:
  • Light Signaling: Equipped with a plate of light based in LED clusters in amber or red color, this trailer offers intense light patterns with intelligent control to display variable temporary sequences or flashing modes.
  • Robust Construction: Their metal body is made in 4″x2″ HSS, providing resistance and durability; perfect for diversions, work zones, grades, emergency events or work repairs.
  • Easy to Move:  With a solid support over 142 wheels and reinforced axle, this trailer is easy to maneuver, in addition has a center jack to balance the device in sloping surfaces.
  • Sustainable Energy: Powered by solar energy through a photovoltaic panel and rechargeable batteries of  60W-12V-40AH, guarantee an efficient performance in any surface.


Technical Data:

  • Material: 2.5″ SHS, 1.5″ SHS galvanized sheet, 1 ¼” x 1/8” angle.
  • Color: Traffic Yellow.
  • Measurements:  94,48 x 102.36″ Trailer, height: 140″.
  • Suspension: Springs.
  • Support: 1,500 lbs. axle.
  • Winch: 1,800 lbs.



  • Dragging: 7.8 ft X 8.5 ft
  • Height: 11.6 ft


We invite you to discover this Ard Arrow, that can be used with the Flashing Arrow Boards, creating the perfect combination for an effective road signaling, as guaranteeing security and visibility in any environment.


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