Flashlight Wand Traffic

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Flashlight Wand Traffic

Discover our innovative Flashlight Wand Traffic designed specifically for road and construction works.

With an effective and affordable approach, this Flashlight Wand Traffic is equipped with features that standout on the market.

Key Features:

  • Durable Solar Power: Its solar power system guarantees a continuous operation during 24 hours with a complete charge that ensure a reliable performance even in remote construction environments.
  • Efficient Flashing: With a flashing frequency of 65 flashes per minute to provide a clear and visible sign for workplace safety. An inner switch to turn ON/OFF and highly sensitive sensor to facilitate a precise control. 
  • Robust Construction: Manufactured in polypropylene and polycarbonate, this Flashlight Wand Traffic resists adverse conditions to construction environments. Its robust design guarantees a long-life span even in challenging climate conditions.
  • Powerful Lighting: Equipped with 4 ultra-bright LEDs in red color, offers an intense and visible lighting, improving safety and visibility in work environments.


  • Height: 12.9 in
  • Base: 7.4 in x 7.4 in
  • Mica: Diameter: 7.5 in
  • Colors: Yellow body and translucent amber mica.

Don’t sacrifice quality for price. Our Flashlight Wand Traffic combines efficiency, durability and economy to satisfy specific needs of your road and construction projects.

Quality and a good price is what our products offer too, for example the Flashing Barricade Lights.

Create a safer and more efficient work with our affordable Flashlight Wand Traffic!


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