Solar Arrow Board

Nombre: Flecheros luminosos

Código: FLE-25



SKU FLE-25-SOL/HIB/ELEC/GEN-1 Categorías , Etiqueta


Solar Arrow Board

Experience an avant-garde road and work signaling with our Solar Arrow Board.

Designed for different applications from detours and landslides to school zones, road and sport events, as private and public construction areas, these devices offer a complete solution to satisfy all your signaling needs.

Key Features:

  1. Various Options:
    • Choose among 15, 18 or 25 signs, according with your specific requirements.
    • Amber or red light for an optimal visibility in any environment.
  2. Versatile Functioning: 
    • Can be affixed or dismantled, depending on the mobility you need.
    • Sequential or flashing mode to adapt to different situations.
  3. Adaptable Power:
    • Multiple power options: electric, electronic, solar, with generator or hybrid power.
    • Protection system against corrosion and salinity for works in tropical environments.
  4. Energy Efficiency: 
    • Rechargeable from 12V-28AH guaranteeing from 10 to 24 hours of continuous functioning with complete charge.
    • Diverse systems of power supply: electric, solar, hybrid power, ensuring functionality the 365 days of the year.
  5. Power supply complete system: 
    • Options as solar power with 50W silicon photovoltaic panel and long durability battery.
    • Hybrid with electric power, generator and solar power for an uninterrupted functioning.



  • Length: 5.9 ft
  • Height: 6.2 ft
  • Width: 3.9 ft
  • With two different light colors, red and amber


Our Solar Arrow Boards offer more than a clear and efficient signaling, they also guarantee constant durability and functioning in different environment conditions.

Choose versatility and quality with our Solar Arrow Board, or Solar Arrow Boards for a reliable signaling in all-environments.

Ensure road and work safety with our cutting-edge technology!


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