Solar Stop Sign

Nombre: Señal Restrictiva Solar

Código: SR-Alto-S


Solar Stop Sign

Discover the restrictive signs, boards fixed on poles to indicate to the user the existence of physical limitations or road conditions.

Driving laws, both in rural and urban areas are successfully communicated, thanks to the hexagonal board (SR-6 ALTO).

LED sheets integrates an advanced lighting system on white, red and/or amber, ultra-bright LED’s of 5 mm.

These are mounted around text and/or pictogram with an strategical separation that ensures light expansion and visibility at a greater distance.

In addition, the innovative solar cell system installed in the superior part of the board provides uninterrupted operation for 16 hours (no additional battery pack is necessary), improves space and avoids vandalism.

A careful construction utilizes waterproof polyurethane silicone around the entire front-cover-cell joint, which avoids the use of screws or any type of visible fastening.

Mechanical system in compliance with the current Norm Of The Ministry Of Communications And Transportation Of Mexico (SCT), with front and back galvanized sheet tray, 1 in flanges and 14-gauge ear.

Prismatic reflective background and vinyl application according to the particular design of the corresponding pictogram (SR-SP), complements efficient signaling in constructions and urban environments.

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  • Length: 33 X 33 in
  • Edges: 14.0 in
  • Ø 36.6 in
  • Color of reflective: Red
  • Reflective: High Intensity Prismatic Reflective
  • Brightness: Latest generation, ultra bright LED’s.
  • Color: Amber, red or white

Additional information

Dimensions63 × 6.1 × 80 cm


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