Solar Led Road Marker



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Solar Led Road Marker

Introducing the Solar Led Road Marker (or Solar Button 135) a road signaling device that stands out for its efficiency and sustainability.

Equipped with advanced solar technology, this autonomous button is ideal for marking and improving visibility on roads, trails, and pedestrian areas.

The Road Studs Solar, of which you can find options here, have proven to be an innovative and environmentally friendly solution.

Powered by solar energy, these solar road studs eliminates the dependence on external energy sources.

Its installation is simple and hassle-free, as it does not require extensive wiring or connection to the electrical grid.

Constructed with durable and weather-resistant materials, this solar button offers reliable performance in various weather conditions.

Its compact design and low profile make it ideal for discreet integration into the road environment.

Powered by solar energy, this button contributes to road safety by clearly delineating road boundaries and highlighting specific areas.

By adopting this solution, you promote safer and more efficient driving, supporting the vision of modern and sustainable road infrastructures.

Discover the innovation and effectiveness of the solar led road marker, the smart choice for advanced and environmentally friendly road signaling.


  • Faces: 1
  • LEDs: amber, red, white, green, or blue.
  • Light: steady or flashing with tempered glass cat’s eye.
  • Body: high-gloss polished stainless steel.
  • Measurements:
  • Diameter 5.31 in
  • Height: 1.5 in



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