Cats Eyes Reflective Traffic

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Cats Eyes Reflective Traffic

Experience an innovative and aesthetically nice solution to improve road safety with our Cats Eyes Reflective Traffic.

It is carefully developed with attention to details, this reflective marker redefines visibility in low-light conditions, offering an effective way to delineate routes and guarantee a safe traffic flow.

We present you the key features to make of our Cat Eyes the ideal choice.

Key Features:
  • Manufactured in Natural Aluminum: These cat’s eyes are made of aluminum, providing visibility and style. Its natural color easily integrates to any environment.
  • Reflective spheres of Metallic Acrylic: With five reflective spheres, these options are available in one or two sides, allowing to customize the visibility. Ideal device to delimit lanes in one direction or both directions, this button is adaptable to any road type.
  • Unique Resistance: From bikes to tow trucks, this cat eye resists the traffic flow of any type. Its resistant construction guarantees it won’t crack or loss shape, providing a reliable and durable solution.
  • ABS bolt: Option to include an ABS bolt to secure the solid fastening to the concrete. Even if the cat eye is uncoupled…the bolt doesn’t crack, but is worn away, avoiding damage to tires and maintaining the integrity of the button.
  • Easy to install: This device doesn’t require subsequent maintenance. Its functional and efficient design improve road safety.
  • High Resistance: Resistant to corrosion, friction, weight, humidity and rain, this cat eye guarantees a reliable performance in various climate and traffic conditions.
  • Epoxy Adhesive: The installation of this cat eye is very simple, just use the high resistance epoxy. this glue ensures a durable fixation, resistant to temperature, physical and chemical agents, providing long-term reliable results.



  • Diameter: 3.9 in
  • Height: 0.7
  • Reflective Spheres: white amber or red.


With our amazing Cats Eyes Reflective Traffic, not only improve road safety, but add a modern and functional touch to any environment.

Secure a safe trip with our quality solutions!

Discover exceptional quality with our line of road products, the outstanding Raised Reflective Pavement Marker, recognized for its great performance.


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