Circular Raised Pavement Marker

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Circular Raised Pavement Marker

The Circular Raised Pavement Marker is the ideal option to improve safety in pedestrian traffic zones.

Manufactured in aluminum, these devices stand out for the ability to effectively delineate speed humps, specially designed for pedestrian crossings.

The lightweight body and resistance create a superior choice to regular stainless-steel buttons or markers.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight Body: These metallic pavement markers are three times lighter than regular ones, maintaining an exceptional resistance. Their innovative design allows an easy handling during their installation.
  • Road Safety Versatility: Their use is not limited to pedestrian zones, but are essential in lap intersections and to delimit parking spaces. In addition, these are ideal to prevent and guide traffic in dangerous areas, such as bridges, tunnels, slopes and curves.
  • Unique Resistance: Circular Raised Pavement Markers offer great strength to impacts and friction caused by tires. Their environmental abrasion resistance ensures a long life-span, even in adverse climate conditions.
  • Easy to Install: Non-deformable body molded in one piece of aluminum that guarantee an easy installation in any road, whether is asphalt or concrete. With option to add a bolt for a better fastening and stability.
  • Ideal Height: Designed with the ideal height that doesn’t affect traffic flow, these Jiggle Bars for road are harmoniously integrated in traffic environment.
  • Natural and Elegant: The natural color complements any urban environment, providing a subtle but effective aesthetic.



  • Diameter: 3.9 in
  • Height: 0.7 in


In conclusion, these Circular Raised Pavement Marker is the ideal choice to improve road safety in several environments.

Their unique lightweight, resistance and versatile combination are considered as the superior solution to effectively delimit spaces and safely manage the pedestrian and vehicle traffic.


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