Jiggle Bars

Nombre: Bóton Metálico

Código: BT-M


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Jiggle Bars

In the middle of urban chaos, arise a discrete but effective ally: Jiggle Bars.

This marker is carefully developed as a road safety defending, delineating with precision critical zones for pedestrian transit.


Key Features:

  • Non deformable Body: Molded in one piece of stainless steel, presented as a robust guardian with an included bolt to guarantee a safer fastening to the concrete.
  • Smooth and Friendly Surface: The design without edges of this jiggle bar transforms it into a safe friend for vehicles, avoiding unnecessary damages.
  • Resistance to Inclemency and Impact: Thanks to its resistance to impacts, friction and abrasion, this button not only withstands the daily traffic flow, from bikes to trucks, also maintain its shape and functionality over time.
  • Versatility: Can be used to reduce speed in scholar environments, pedestrian areas and parking lots, delimiting lanes and guiding vehicle circulation.
  • Installation: This metallic jiggle bar is easily installed in any pavement type, and its fixation method requires the use of epoxy adhesive, known for its high resistance to temperature, physical and chemical agents.
  • No Maintenance: Its efficacy doesn’t require subsequent maintenance. When the button is installed, this is a silent guardian that fulfills its function without constant attention.



  • Diameter: 3.9 in
  • Height: 0.8 in
  • Available in two versions: smooth or with two reflective sides
  • Option to include a bolt


The jiggle bar arises as the ideal solution to separate vehicle circulation, and provide a safe guidance in pedestrian environments.

This discrete but powerful marker is adaptable to any surface. providing an essential contribution to road safety and traffic management.

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