Traffic Cat Eyes

Nombre: Botón  de acero inoxidable

Código: BOT-INOX-10


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Traffic Cat Eyes

Experience a safer driving with our Traffic Cat Eyes, a reflective marker designed to optimize visibility and traffic management.

Developed with care and molded in one piece of stainless steel, this device is the ideal solution for different situations, from pedestrian areas to parking lots.


Key Features:

  • Unique Durability: Molded in high quality stainless steel, our device guarantees an exceptional durability. In addition, its smooth design without borders maintains the integrity of the tires, avoiding damages.
  • Night Reflectivity: Equipped with 5 reflective spheres of metallic acrylic, this Traffic Cat Eyes ensure optimal visibility during night. Their reflective spheres stand out for drivers, and creates an efficient manner to see the device, contributing to road safety.
  • Easy to install: A quick and safe installation, without subsequent maintenance. Usually, the high resistance epoxy adhesive is used to safely install the Traffic Cat Eyes on the pavement.


Versatile Usages: 

  • Effective Separation: Ideal to delimit lanes, this Traffic Cat Eyes is perfect to effectively and tidily separate the traffic flow.
  • Security in Pedestrian Zones: Its application can be used in pedestrian zones, crossings and parking lots, where its discrete but effective presence contributes to a better safety for pedestrian and drivers.
  • Reduce Speed: This device can be used as a speed hump in delicate areas such as schools and pedestrian zones, providing a visual reminder to drivers, in order to reduce their speed.


Option to add a bolt for better fastening: 

  • Option to include ABS bolt: For a better fastening, this Traffic Cat Eye offers the option to add an ABS bolt. This bolt is resistant but in case of detachment can be worn without causing a damage to tires.



  • Diameter  3.9 in
  • Height: 0.9
  • Reflective spheres: white, amber or red.


Harness the opportunity to improve safety in highways in a discrete but effective manner with our stainless steel Traffic Cat Eyes.

Discover exceptional quality of our road product line, with our outstanding Raised Reflective Pavement Marker, known for its great performance.


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