Traffic Button

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Traffic Button

Traffic button is presented as an innovative solution to guarantee security in asphalt roads.

Strategically designed with a glass sphere, this device not only improves day visibility, but night visibility, fulfilling various essential functions in traffic regulation.


Key Features:

  • Robust building: Molded in one piece of stainless steel, this Traffic Button has a solid and durable structure. Its in-extensible body and high resistance compound, guarantee an effective protection against shocks and impacts, providing a reliable solution to delimit lanes and reduce speed in pedestrian and scholar zones.
  • Reflective Sphere:  Thermal tempering glass sphere that offer a exceptional reflection during night, improving visibility with vehicle’s light. If breaks, the sphere is cracked in harmless pieces, prioritizing safety.
  • Versatility: Ideal to confine, and delimit lanes in all kind of roads, this Traffic Button stands out for its versatility. Its ability to direct traffic and alert drivers without distracting them, transforms it into a convenient and useful tool.
  • Easy to Install: One of their main advantages is the ease of installation. Usually fixed with high resistance epoxy adhesive, ensuring a durable adhesion. Option to include a bolt on the back of the Traffic Button for a better fastening to asphalt surface.
  • Minimum Maintenance: Thanks to its materials and manufacturing processes, requires a minimum maintenance. The ABS bolt doesn’t break, avoiding damage to tires and ensuring a lasting performance.


Recommended Usages:

  • To reduce speed in pedestrian crossings.
  • As a lane delimiter in scholar zones.
  • To efficiently indicate in pedestrian crossings and laps.



  • Diameter: 4.1 in
  • Height: 1.1 in


Traffic Button is a reliable option to enhance road safety with its resistant design, high visibility and easy installation. Ensure a safe and efficient transit!

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