Raised Pavement Marker

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Raised Pavement Marker

This Raised Pavement Marker arises as a discrete hero during night or rain, providing a clever solution for road safety.

Aluminum markers carefully made of reflective elements to ensure unique visibility in challenging conditions. Discrete and effective device to improve road safety.


Benefits for night and more: 

  • Subtle Device to Reduce Speed: The presence of this device not only marks the limits but is a useful reminder to reduce speed, especially in accident-prone areas.
  • Versatility: From schools to delimitation of lanes, pedestrian zones and parking lots, this Raised Pavement Marker with reflective is a reliable ally in many circumstances.


Key Features:

  • Resistance to Impacts: Non deformable body molded in aluminum that guarantees a high strength to impacts and tire-friction.
  • Universal Adaptability: Easy to install in any vehicular surface, whether is asphalt or concrete, with an included bolt for better adherence.
  • Ideal Dimensions: Raised Pavement Markers with a height of 0.7 in to ensure road safety without obstructing traffic, guaranteeing vehicular traffic flow.

Reflective Design:

  • Strategical Reflective: Equipped with reflective in one or both retro-reflector sides, guaranteeing a clear vision in unidirectional or bidirectional conditions.
  • Natural Style: Its natural color is harmoniously integrated in any environment without disrupting the aesthetic of adjacent areas.
  • Luminous Effect: Reflects light of headlights to the eyes of the driver, generating a luminous halo that effectively alerts drivers, guaranteeing road safety.


  • Diameter: 3.9 in
  • Height: 0.7 in


Perfect to guide traffic near to bridges, tunnels or curves, or marking the limits in scholar zones, these Raised Pavement Markers are discrete guardians for road safety.

Their resistance, versatility and reflective design are the perfect choice to provide a safe and elegant guiding in any condition.

Discover exceptional quality of our road product line, among them is our outstanding Circular Raised Pavement Marker, known for its great performance.


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