Bollard Lights

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Bollard Lights

Presenting the Bollard Lights (or Stainless Steel Bollard with Light), a meticulously crafted element in 11-gauge stainless steel, low in height, and designed as a prevention and warning device.

Strategically placed on sidewalks, it acts as a barrier to prevent vehicle intrusions, ensuring pedestrian safety.

This bollard light, with dimensions of 25.5 in in height and 3.9 in in diameter, stands out for its elegance and durability, with a 5.9 in fixing bracket.

Additional Features:

  1. Diamond grade reflective: White for maximum visibility.
  2. Ultra-bright LED lighting system: With options of white, amber, or red.
  3. LED lifespan: Approximately 100,000 hours..
  4. Luminous intensity: Each LED emits 6500 millicandelas for optimal visibility.
  5. Programmable flash control: Intermittent light sequence at 80 flashes per minute.
  6. Programmable flash control: Reaches up to 300 meters for effective warning.


This bollard features a mini solar panel and rechargeable eco-friendly batteries, offering 24 hours of operation with just 7 hours of full sun charging.

Its efficiency is demonstrated with a silicon photovoltaic cell of 0.315W/4.4V.

Experience the perfect combination of security, durability, and elegance with the bollard light, an accessory that redefines the urban environment.


  • Base: 7.0 in diameter.
  • Body: Diameter: 3.93 in.
  • Height: 25.5 in.
  • LEDs and reflective: white


In conclusion, this bollard with light emerges as a comprehensive solution for the safety and demarcation of public spaces, merging elegance and functionality.


This bollard harmoniously complements other road solutions, such as the solar speed bump and solar speed hump, creating a safe urban environment.


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