Aesthetic Bollard

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Aesthetic Bollard

Explore innovation in urban safety with our Aesthetic Bollard, an avant-garde option designed to provide durable and aesthetically pleasant protection.

This highly resistant and protective decoration stands as indicator to align, offering an effective solution to delimit areas and improve space visibility.

Key Features:

  • Robust structure manufactured in polyethylene, available in black or grey tones that contribute to a safe and high standard place.
  • Tubular steel skeleton that guarantees an exceptional resistance to impacts, providing a reliable defense against non-desired intrusions.
  • Equipped with steel eye hooks for chain, with 2 steel snap hooks and a 3/8 chain, with 1102 lbs. load limit per every 10.8 ft, offering a complete and adaptable solution to different needs (optional).
  • Ended with an elegant dome shape, this Aesthetic Bollard not only comply with their convenient function but adds a stylish touch to its space.
  • Low maintenance design, easy to handle and resistant to UV rays, ensuring exceptional durability even in adverse climate conditions.
  • Integrated reflective area for a better night visibility, reinforcing its role as an essential element in road security.


  • Height: 3.4 ft
  • Total Height: 4.0 ft
  • Width: 7.0 in
  • Length: 7.0 in
  • Color: Black or grey

The distinctive shape of our bollard, evokes majesty to the Eiffel Tower, adding a unique style touch to the space. Experience the perfect combination of functionality and elegance with our Eiffel Bollard, the choice that redefines standards in urban safety.

Discover our broad variety of bollards, manufactured with the highest standards to use the most advanced available technology, as the innovative Street Bollards.


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