Fixed Traffic Bollards

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Fixed Traffic Bollards

Experience maximum protection and effectiveness with our Fixed Traffic Bollards, a highly resistant and protective decoration designed to improve urban safety.

These products stands out for their versatility and advanced functions.

Bollards are highly resistant and protective objects that are also considered delineators in urban spaces.

Equipped with a reflective ring, improving significantly the highway visibility, ensuring a clear guidance even in low-light conditions.

The main function of the bollard consists in prevent vehicle invasion in prohibited zones.

This device delimits roads safely, providing an effective barrier to maintain integrity in pedestrian and restricted areas.

Versatile Applications

  • Retractile: Perfect for its implementation in rows, avoiding vehicles invade sidewalks or enter in pedestrian zones.

Key Features

  • Effectiveness as Urban Delineator: Contribute to urban traffic organization.
  • Robust Material: Manufactured in medium density polyethylene for an exceptional durability.
  • Main function: Avoid non-authorized access and parking to vehicles.
  • Safer Environment: Contribute to safety in general terms.
  • Impact Resistant: Tubular steel skeleton that increase its resistance to collisions.
  • Durability: UV resistant, guaranteeing a long-life span.
  • Easy installation: Consists in embed the device for a safe and easy placement and installation.
  • Better Night Visibility: With reflective tape for a clear signage during night.
  • Two Height Measurements: Available in 3.6 ft and 27.5 in to adapt to different needs.


Discover a new era in urban security with our Fixed Traffic Bollards, the integral solution to maintain order and protect critical areas in urban environments.


  • Diameter: 5.9 in.
  • Height: 3.6 ft. 7.8 in for floor anchoring
  • Reflective Tape: yellow or amber


Discover revolution in traffic safety and explore our variety of bollards, their qualities and benefits.


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