Driveway Security Bollard

Nombre: Bolardo plástico

Código: P81-B


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Driveway Security Bollard

Driveway Security Bollard, an ingeniously designed and highly resistant decoration, standing out as an alignment indicator and formidable protector in different environments.

Its colorful presence is available in black, grey, green or granite color (other colors upon request), adding an aesthetic and safety touch to streets, parks, gardens and more.

Key Features:

  • Manufactured in medium density polyethylene with a steel skeleton reinforced with cement, this Bollard is more than a classic design piece of art, but also an impressive strength for pedestrian protection.
  • Resistant to humidity, liquids, solvents and extreme temperature changes, this Driveway Security Bollard is the ideal guardian in any environment.
  • With integrated reflective stripes, it offers an exceptional night visibility, increasing safety in areas as parking stalls, school, center stations, airports and pedestrian crossings.
  • Its versatility brights when delimiting safety areas and regulates vehicle traffic in toll booths, considered as a convenient and agile solution.
  • In addition, the vehicle-friendly design is combined with resistance to dissuade reckless drivers, ensuring integrity of both and transforming the bollard into an intelligent choice for dynamic urban spaces.
  • Easy installation and minimum maintenance guaranteeing a durable and effective presence in traffic management and pedestrian safety.

Raise your design and safety standards with the Driveway Security Bollard!


  • Height: 31.4 in.
  • Width: 5.1 in.
  • Color: Grey, black, green, sand, granite and others.

Explore our bollard variety, manufactured with the highest standards and most advanced technology as the Traffic Control Bollards.



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