Lane Separator Solar



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Lane Separator Solar

The Lane Separator Solar has an integrated light and is designed to demarcate special lanes; the perfect option to delimit and confine exclusive autobus, metrobus, trolleybus and bike way roads.

Their main function is to anticipate lane channeling efficiently.


  • Elegant Design: With a pyramidal trunk on a slope, this device offer an ideal height, without cutting edges that can damage tires.
  • Durable Resistance: Manufactured in low density polyethylene, the device stands out for its exceptional resistance, even in extreme temperature conditions. In addition, offers protection against humidity, corrosion and UV-rays.
  • Integral Manufacturing: This device is manufactured in one piece, guaranteeing solidity and durability over time.
  • Reflectors for Greater Visibility: Equipped with a pair of reflectors on each end, the Lane Separator Solar improve visibility significantly, especially in low light conditions.
  • Yellow Color to Stand Out: Its conspicuous yellow color contributes to more visibility, ensuring motorists and pedestrians be aware before the presence of this device.
  • Easy Installation and Placement: Its design allows an easy installation and change of location with a minimum interruption. This facilitates to adjust the device in case of changes in avenues or in temporary detours.
Lighting System:

The Lane Separator Solar integrates an intelligent solar lighting system composed by:

  • Efficient Solar Cell: Equipped with a solar cell that power the system with renewable energy.
  • Ultrabright LEDs and Acrylic Mica: Six ultrabright LEDs of 5 mm and acrylic mica for protection, ensuring an excellent light reflection.
  • Continuous Power Supply: The system is powered by a battery with a circuit, ensuring a constant and efficient functioning.
  • Protection against Water Filtration: Designed with safety measures to avoid the entrance of water, guaranteeing the durability of the system.
  • Communication through Radio Frequency (RF): The communication among the divider devices is through RF, facilitating an effective coordination.


  • Length: 15.5 in
  • Height: 9.2 in
  • Front Height: 3.3 in
  • Rear Height: 2.1 in


  • Yellow

Reflective Tape:

  • White, amber or red
  • Other colors upon a minimum request of 200 pcs


In summary, the Lane Separator Solar is the innovative and efficient option for a road signaling, standing out for its safe design, easy installation and intelligent solar lighting system.

Be part of a safer and more organized road with the Lane Separator Solar or with any of our Multiseñal products, such as the Bike Lane Marking.


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