Bike Lane Marking

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Bike Lane Marking

The Bike Lane Marking arises as a device to demarcate lanes, fusing functionality and design to enhance safety in highways and roads.

This device with two reflective faces, is raised with a strategical height to ensure a unique visibility in any street or avenue.

Key Features:

  1. Efficient Design: Inspired in a pyramid trunk, this marking not only comply with a convenient function but provides aesthetics to the road.
  2. Avant-garde Material: Manufactured in one piece with medium density polyethylene, this device has exceptional resistance and maintains its integrity in extreme temperatures. Its yellow durability remains unchanged, thanks to the UV-ray protection.
  3. Climatic Adaptability: Challenges humidity, corrosion and climate changes without losing its efficacy. The road stud is a constant guardian of traffic security.
  4. Perfect Height: Designed with an ideal height to avoid the damage of tires or the obstruction in vehicle transit. Its presence has no obstacles.
  5. Night Reflectors: Equipped with a pair of reflectors in red or amber, the Bike Lane Marking strengths its visibility at night, alerting motorists and improving safety in low light conditions.
  6. Easy Installation: The design facilitates the installation with four boreholes for fastening. The Bike Lane Marking implementation is a quick and easy process.
  7. Institution Customization: For an exclusive identification, exists the option to incorporate an institution logo on the upper part, ensuring a unique and recognizable presence.



  • Length: 9.8 in
  • Width: 7.8 in
  • Height: 1.9 in


  • Red


  • Yellow


Whether is to channelize traffic, delimit lanes or increase night visibility, the Bike Lane Marking stands as an optimal choice.

Raise road safety to new levels, with this device to demarcate that combine functionality, resistance and style.

Confirm the quality and excellent performance of our products, such as the Bike Lane Channeler or the Separated Bikeway, helping to a safer road.


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