Traffic Control Solar

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Traffic Control Solar

Discover the innovative Traffic Control Solar light, an advanced solution for road signage, developed by LED technology and solar energy. Designed to light and guide vehicles in restricted areas and work zones, this Traffic Control Solar light is designed for an efficient and sustainable signaling.


Key Features:

  • Advanced LED Lighting: Equipped with an electronic system of high intensity flashing LEDs, this light guarantees an exceptional visibility even at long distances, improving road safety.
  • Sustainable Energy: Thanks to their two high performance photocells, power two 1.2 volts batteries, ensuring a constant lighting during all night. This light is an ecological and energetically efficient option.
  • Easy Installation: Its design enables a safe and comfortable mounting on cones, barriers or barricades, facilitating the quick implementation in different locations.
  • Resistant Material: Manufactured in clarified polypropylene, this lamp combines resistance and translucency, optimizing lighting. In addition, has UV protection, guaranteeing durability even in adverse climate conditions.
  • Various Colors: Available in conspicuous line colors as yellow, orange and white, providing customized options that adapt to different road signage contexts.
  • Reflective Tape on Both Faces: With reflective tape on both faces, increasing night and day visibility, maximizing efficacy and signaling in any situation.


Usages and Recommended Locations:

Ideal to light, sign and guide in:

  • Prohibited zones.
  • Construction areas.
  • Places to delimit roads safely.


  • Length: 5.9 in
  • Width: Ø 2.9 in
  • Functional Height: 8.1 in Total Height: 10.9 in
  • Reflective Surface:  8.9 in2 x face
  • Color of Reflective Tape: Amber or White


The Traffic Control Solar light redefines road signage, offering an integral solution that combine cutting edge technology with sustainability, guaranteeing an optimal visibility and safety in different situations. Transform your signals with this innovative Traffic Control Solar light.

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