Reflective Markers Road

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Reflective Markers Road

Experiment innovation with the Reflective Markers Road, designed carefully in a highly flexible and resistant material. These devices present an incredible ability to bend, recovering their original position in seconds, guaranteeing durability and effectiveness in any environment.

Key Features:

  • Unique Flexibility: Their flexible panel allow exceptional adaptability, ensuring a quick response to changes in transit.
  • Environmental Immunity: Resistant to adverse conditions, these panels are immune to corrosion, oxide and UV-protection, providing an exceptional durability even in challenging environments.


Versatile Usages:

  • Perfect for High-Speed Tracks: Ideal in highways and roads with two lanes, these Vertical Panels stand out to delimit contraflow lanes effectively.
  • Traffic Control in Parking Lots: Their versatility can also be used for traffic control in parking lots, providing an efficient solution to guide and direct vehicle flow.


High Intensity Reflective Coating:

  • Optimal Visibility: Incorporate a high intensity reflective coating that improves visibility even in low-light conditions, ensuring road security.



  • Length: 7.8 in
  • Width: 6.4 in
  • Height: 15.7 in
  • Colors: orange, black base
  • Reflective Tape: white or amber.


The Reflective Markers Road, redefine traffic signage standards, standing out for their durability, versatility and ability to adapt.

Discover a unique solution for your traffic control needs with our innovative Reflective Markers Road.

Our products comply with the highest quality standards as with their functions, like the Road Traffic Control. Guarantee safety in highways and parking lots with this exceptional product!


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