Road Traffic Control

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Road Traffic Control

Experiment traffic signage revolution with the exclusive design of the Road Traffic Control vertical panel, a unique piece that make the difference in flexibility and resistance. This product is designed to provide an avant-garde solution.

Key Features:

  • Integral Design in One Piece: Our panel has a unique design in one piece, providing exceptional resistance and long-term durability.
  • Highly Flexible and Resistant Material: Manufactured with a highly flexible and resistant material, the vertical panel adapts to different conditions without committing its integrity.
  • Round Borders and Corners: In case of impact, the round borders and corners minimize the risk of injuries, guaranteeing safety of users.
  • Environmental Immunity: This Road Traffic Control Vertical Panel is immune to environment, resistant to corrosion and oxide. In addition, has UV-protection for a longer shelf life.
Versatile Applications:
  • Ideal in Tipping of Two-Lane Roads: Stand out in high-speed tracks and 2-lane highways, offering a clear and effective signaling.
  • Contraflow Lane Delimitation: Contribute to effective delimitation of highways in contraflow situations, improving road safety.
  • Traffic Control in Parking Lots: Use it for traffic control in parking lots, providing an efficient visual guide for drivers and pedestrians.
  • Reflective Coating: Equipped with a reflective coating that improve night visibility, guaranteeing an effective signaling in any moment of the day.


  • Height: 3.4 ft
  • Color: orange
  • Reflective Tape: white or amber


Discover the difference with the vertical panel, an integral solution that redefine the road signage standards. We offer a great variety of traffic products that improve road in different environments, such as the Highway Anti Glare Screen.

Choose innovation and safety in every journey!


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