Traffic Control Vertical

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Traffic Control Vertical

Discover insuperable efficiency of the Traffic Control Vertical, an avant-garde device designed for road signaling. With its ability to guide, prevent and restrict access, this Traffic Control Vertical panel is the ideal choice to guarantee safety of drivers and pedestrians in streets, avenues and bikeways.


Customized Options:

  • Panel with customized signs in one or two faces.
  • Complete body with LED lighting.
  • Circular sign with LED lighting.

LED lighting options include acrylic mica and superior cover with 4 photocells, 3.7 V rechargeable battery, ultrabright LEDS (5000 °K, 250 lumens).

Key Features:

  • Their dimensions and design catch attention, preventing impacts and confusions.
  • Effective signaling for a quick interpreting of dangers and warnings.
  • Manufactured in polyethylene to resist multiple impacts.
  • Three supporting options: Reboundable ABS base, portable base with sand ballast and 2” RHS permanent post.
  • Sign customization, according to the needs of the panel.
  • Black color with UV protection, resistant to humidity and extreme temperature changes.

Usage and Locations: The panel is essential to establish limits and guarantee safety in different locations, as streets, avenues and bike ways. Its versatility and customized options create the intelligent choice to any road space.

Experiment signage innovation with the Traffic Control Vertical panel with reboundable base and ensure an effective control in any place, offering clarity and safety to drivers and pedestrians.

We invite you to navigate in our website and explore the greatest products we have, as the Traffic Vertical Panel, with excellent quality and performance. Remember, we manufacture and distribute our own products, ensuring a total control in quality and availability.


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