Highway Anti Glare Solar Screen System

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Nombre: Paleta Antideslumbrante Solar 

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highway anti glare solar screen system

Highway Anti Glare Solar Screen System

The Highway Anti Glare Solar Screen System redefines road safety with an original design composed by modules installed in concrete barriers between opposite highway lanes, and roads.

  • Created with two panels per module, the separation and angle between them prevent glare caused by headlights.
  • Integrated LED system, every 5 modules there is a LED belt, maximizing visibility in curves, ideal for adverse weather conditions, such as fog, or rain.
  • A highway’s essential with central barriers to separate lanes, ensuring a safety driving.

Durability and Resistance: 

  • Environment Resistance: Manufactured in a single piece, high-impact plastic, guaranteeing weather resistance and temperature resistance.
  •  Quality Warranty : A 2-year warranty against hidden defects or manufacturing flaws.

Solar Power Technology  “LED System”:

  • Energy Efficiency: Recharges with 6 hours of sunlight and shines for 24 hours intermittently for perfect visibility at night.
  • Adaptability: It is suggested to install a LED System every 5 modules, with the option to adjust according circumstances.
  • Advanced Technology: Solar panel of 1 x 11 in, 2 batteries of 1.5V, and a JVM electronic circuit that synchronizes the flashing.

Improved Visibility :

  • Reflective Ring: Every panel or screen has an amber reflective ring, guiding highway and improving visibility.

Redesigns the night driving experience, offering a comprehensive and effective solution to prevent accidents and develop safety.


  • Total Length: 28.1 in
  • Useful Length: 23.2
  • Width: 7.6 in
  • Width: 24.5 in
  • Reflective: 1 ring
  • Color of reflective: Amber

Discover the perfect union between safety and elegance with the bollard lighting, an innovative option that protect and embellish.


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