Vertical Panel Control

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Vertical Panel Control

Created as an outstanding road signage device, the Vertical Panel Control represents an integral solution to guide, prevent and restrict pedestrian and vehicle traffic effectively. Focusing on provide security in different locations, from streets to bikeways, this Vertical Panel control stands as an essential element for access and road management.


Customized Options:

  • Exceptional Customization: Available with customized signs in one or two faces, ensuring a clear communication.
  • Innovative Led Lighting: Complete body lighted by LEDs, with an optional circular sign that also provides visibility. Equipped with acrylic mica, top cover, 4 photocells, rechargeable battery and ultrabright LEDs, this option stands out for its efficacy and versatility.


Key Features:

  • Preventive Appealing Design: Its dimensions and design catch drivers’ attention, reducing the possibility of collisions and confusions in the road.
  • Effective Signaling: Facilitates a quick interpretation of dangers or warnings, contributing to road safety.
  • Durable Resistance: Manufactured in polyethylene, the panel withstand multiple impacts, ensuring durability in different conditions.
  • Different Bases or Supports: Option with ABS reboundable base, portable base with sand ballast, or 2” RHS permanent post, adapting to different needs and spaces.


Customization and Protection:

  • Customized Signs: Adapt the signs according to a specific purpose of the panel .
  • Durable Design: Available in black color with UV protection, this panel device withstands humidity and extreme temperature changes, ensuring a long shelf life.


  • Length: 21.6 in
  • Width: 14.9 in
  • Total Height: 4.2 ft
  • Height with Cover: 4.3 ft


Location and Usage: This versatile device has usage in different locations, from streets and avenues to bikeways, providing an effective signaling that contributes to road safety. Its adaptability and customized options make of this Vertical Panel Control the ideal option to any traffic management scenario.

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