Vertical Panel Traffic Control

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Código: PBRIO-105


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Vertical Panel Traffic Control

The innovative technology of Brio Vertical Panels presents the Vertical Panel Traffic Control, an avant-garde solution for effective delimitation and road safety. Designed with high quality plastic, this flexible panel offer a precise alignment that define and safeguard reserved zones for pedestrians and motorists.

Key Features:

  • Ultrafix Screw: Ultrafix Screw: Equipped with a 21 v Ø 3/8″ x 5.9” hex screw for a robust fastening.
  • Extralarge Anchors: with a Ø 0.7” diameter and length of 5.3”, providing a reliable fastening.
  • Informative and Resistant: This panel is highly informative and able to resist vehicle impacts, returning to its original shape after run over, guaranteeing a constant vertical position.
  • Highly Resistant Material: The post is manufactured with highly run over resistant plastic, ensuring it doesn’t cause damage to vehicles.
  • Ideal for Messages: Manufactured in styrene, the panel is perfect for messages that reinforce road signage.
  • Variety of colors: Available in yellow, white, green or blue for an optimal visibility.
  • Easy Placement: Its design allows an easy installation and efficient change of placement to any other location.
  • Safe Floor Anchoring: It is secured to floor with four 3/8″ screws and extralarge anchors (not included), providing a solid fastening and greater security.

What is for?

The Vertical Panel Traffic Control with BRIO panel is an effective way to inform, sign and prevent vehicle invasion in prohibited zones. Ideal to delimit bikeways, parking lot access and even to create pedestrian crossings, this vertical panel is mainly suggested in rows to avoid parking in sidewalks or prevent the invasion of dangerous areas.


  • Height: 3.4 ft
  • Width: 9.8 in
  • Base Diameter: 7.0 in
  • Colors: white, yellow, green, blue or orange
  • Space for white canvas


Discover versatility and efficacy of the Vertical Panel Traffic Control with BRIO panels, your road safety ally.
Remember that we manufacture and distribute our own products, such as the Traffic Vertical Panel. Choose quality and visibility in our signals for a safe and efficient mobility.



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