Tubular Markers with Ligths

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Tubular Markers with Lights

The Tubular Markers with Ligths (or delineator post) is a key element on road signaling, featured by its cylindrical design and strategical height to driver’s level view, providing an excellent effectiveness on  risk prevention.

Benefits and applications:

  • Permanent prevention: Functions as a permanent preventive signaling, delimiting specific areas and reducing risks efficiently.
  • Versatility: Ideal for road constructions, deviations, parking lots, bike lanes, restricted areas, et al.
  • Wide range of colors: Available in amber, red, blue or white, line options are orange, blue, green, yellow (white in solar version) for optimal visibility.

Technical Specifications:

  • Luminous Intensity: Equipped with 40,000 MCD, low current of 18 mA, and 40 mW for an alternating current.
  • Prismatic Reflective: Equipped with three prismatic reflective rings for superior visibility at night.
  • Easy Installation: Easy-to-install or reposition design.
  • Intelligent Solar Power System: Intelligent system powered by a solar cell, providing efficient functioning.

Durability and resistance:

  • Advanced Material: Made of Poliflexy®, flexible material preventing cars of being damaged.
  • Impact Resistance: Resistance checked, withstands impact vehicle and recovers shape after impact or run-over.
  • Versatile Installation: Suggested for rows, its installation can be individually or complement with other units.


Surface Diameter: 3.1 in

Base: Diameter:  7.87 in

Height: 31.4 in

Reflective Rings: White and amber.

The Tubular Markers with ligths represents an innovation in road safety, mixing efficiency, versatility and durability to provide maximum safety in different usages

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