Bollard Lighting

Nombre del producto: Bolardo Urban 90

Código: PIC-AX-SOL-65


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Bollard Lighting

The Bollard Lighting redefines traffic safety and urban aesthetic with its harmonious and outstanding design.

This bollard presents several features, creating an outstanding option for many applications:

Main Features:

  • Elegant Lighting: Incorporates a lighting circuit on the upper part, composed by LEDs covered with conical optics, effectively optimizing the light and enhancing its elegance.
  • Night Automation: Automatically turns ON during night, offering a constant visibility. Two reflective rings contribute to its elegance and guarantee visibility.
  • Durability and Resistance: Manufactured in polish stainless steel, this bollard stands out for its resistant to humidity and extreme temperature changes.

Available Versions: 

  • Fixed: Stainless-steel base, resistant and still.
  • Reboundable: Equipped with ABS base and an internal system, recovering shape after impact or being run over.


  • Fixed:
    • Diameter of the Body: 4.00″ (10.16 cm).
    • Diameter of the base: 7.0 in.
    • Total Height:  35.4 in.
  • Reboundable:
    • Diameter of the body: 4.00″ (10.16 cm).
    • Base: 8.7 x 8.7 in.
    • Total Height: 35.4 in.

Color and Reflective:

  • LEDs and white reflective contribute to a clean and modern aesthetic.

Functionality and Security:

  • Its main purpose is to reduce speed to a total stop in case of impacts, acting as an effective safety device.
  • Ideal to delineate areas and prevent drivers invade pedestrian zones, combining functionality and aesthetic.
  • Resistant to impacts, and functions as an elegant decoration that contributes to urban traffic safety.


In conclusion, the Bollard Lighting is an essential accessory to provide more than safety and functionality, but to add a sophisticated touch to several urban environments.

Its robust design, efficient lighting and exceptional resistance, create an ideal option to improve traffic safety and aesthetic in different contexts.

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