Bollard Parking

Bolardo Prosperidad 4

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Bollard Parking

Discover our innovate range of Bollard Parking, decorative, robust and highly resistant element that perform a crucial role as urban protector.

This post is equipped with safety indicators, presenting different designs with reflective material to improve visibility in the road space.

Key Features:

  • Urban Versatility and Pedestrian Protection: The Bollard is more than a decorative element, contribute to the creation of a safe and high standard environment. The Bollard Parking works as a protection for pedestrian crossings, avoiding non-desired intrusions in restricted areas.
  • High Quality Material: Manufactured in medium density polyethylene, this bollard incorporate a tubular steel skeleton that improve impact resistance. This unique combination guarantees exceptional durability and long-life span.
  • Customization Options: We offer five different models; each has option to include chain to prevent non-authorized access. These posts are ideal to organize rows, avoiding vehicles invade sidewalks and pedestrian areas.
  • Easy Maintenance and Efficient Management: Designed to be maintenance free, our Bollard Parking is easy to handle, providing long-term comfort. In addition, resist harmful effects of UV-rays, ensuring integrity over time.
  • Optimal Night Visibility: Standing out an ample reflective zone in each post, guaranteeing exceptional visibility during night. This feature has a preventive function, improving road safety in dark environments.



  • Height: 38.1 in
  • Total Height: 3.9 ft
  • Width: 6.4 in
  • Length: 11.8 in
  • Colors: Black or Grey


Discover how our Bollard Parking redefines urban protection and provide style to road safety. Experiment the difference with the unique selection that combines distinctive functionality, resistance and design, as the Architectural Bollards.



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