Solar Speed Limit Sign

Nombre: Señal Restrictiva Solar

Código: SR-80-S


Solar Speed Limit Sign

Discover the Solar Speed Limit Sign, an innovative and efficient restrictive signaling solution designed to ensure road safety.

With easy installation, this product offers various features that make it stand out in the market.

Highlighted Features:
  • Easy installation on 2″ x 2″ plastic posts with interior reinforcement, optionally on 3″ diameter round posts.
  • Lightweight body made of black polyethylene, designed in one piece for increased durability.
  • 100% recyclable, with a long lifespan thanks to its resistance to oxidation and UV protection.
Uses and Placement:
  1. At the beginning of the section where the speed limit is established.
  2. In areas with pedestrian traffic, such as schools, churches, and markets.
  3. At the start of curves or curved areas, and in locations that require operating at a different speed than the one set on the road.
Additional Benefits:
  • Stackable to reduce transportation and storage costs.
  • Weather-resistant and temperature-resistant.
  • Reduced resale value and protection against theft due to plastic construction.
Advanced Lighting System:
  • Innovative solar cell mounted on the upper rib of the board, secured with plastic staples to prevent vandalism.
  • Battery pack provides up to 16 continuous hours without light.
  • Next-generation LEDs in red and white for the ring, with conical optics for effective light dispersion.
  • JVM power supply electronic circuit synchronizes the flashing.
Efficient Lighting System:
  • Steady or flashing illumination through next-generation LEDs, able to synchronize and increase visibility.
  • Prismatic reflective background in white, texts and fillet in opaque black vinyl, ring in red.
  • Dependent on the LED color used, White 40,000 mcd, Red 30,000 mcd.


This Solar Speed Limit Sign perfectly adapts to traffic regulations and provides a comprehensive solution to maintain safe traffic, standing out for its durability, energy efficiency, and ability to adapt to various environments.


  • Total:
  • Length: 35.2 in
    Width: 2.4 in
    Height: 35.2 in
  • Sign Dimensions:
    Length: 33.8 in
    Height: 33.8 in
  • Reflective: Prismatic
  • Color of reflective: White background,
    with texts in opaque black vinyl,
    circle in red vinyl.
  • Brightness: Ultra-bright LEDs of
    the latest generation.
    Color: Red and white


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Additional information

Dimensions63 × 6.1 × 80 cm


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