Traffic Wand Flashlight

Nombre del producto: Luz de girasol con tripie

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Traffic Wand Flashlight

Experience signaling excellence with our Traffic Wand Flashlight, designed for traffic and construction projects.

With an adjustable tripod (optional), this device guarantees optimal safety and visibility in any situation.

Key Features:

  • Elegance and Effectiveness: The Traffic Wand Flashlight with tripod (optional) fusions functionality and sophisticated design, standing out in any environment. It is highly visible, improving traffic safety.
  • Sustainable Energy Savings: Thanks to the solar technology, this device charges automatically and operate efficiently even in challenging climate conditions.
  • Powerful Lighting: High intensity LED light bulbs with optic design that guarantee optimal visibility and clear signaling.
  • Solar Durability: Equipped with a steady solar solution that offers a long-term performance, even in darkness, extending its lifespan.


Technical Specifications: 

  • Dimensions: 380mm x 400mm x 101mm
  • LED: 8 high intensity LEDs of 8 mm
  • Battery:  CC 3,7 V Lithium/ 2AH for reliable performance


Flashing Modes:

  • Rotating Flash in red
  • Strobe Flash in red
  • Flash in red
  • SOS Flashing light in red
  • OFF mode


Adjustable Tripod (Optional):

We offer an adjustable steel tripod (35mm and 38mm of diameter, 0,7mm of thickness), providing versatility in height and location.

Adjustable height from 3.2 ft to 5.9 ft, with a 6.6 lbs. weight, perfect for easy transport and placement.


  •  380mm x 400mm x 101mm (15” *15.7” *4”)


  • Available in orange color, ensure instant visibility and clearness on your warning message.

Discover the Traffic Wand Flashlight, the comprehensive solution for an effective signaling. We invite you to explore our products, such as the Flashlight Wand Traffic.

Make your road projects to stand out with security and style!


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