Highway Traffic Attenuator

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highway traffic attenuator

Highway Traffic Attenuator

The Highway Traffic Attenuator is presented as a groundbreaking solution in road impact management, standing out for its versatility and efficiency.

This device is designed to act as an impact attenuator in different roads, redefining durability and safety standards.


Key Features:

  • Adaptability: The Highway Traffic Attenuator adapts to different road scenarios from low traffic flow tracks to heavy traffic loads. Its function is based on three strategical assemblies to address efficiently different levels of road risks.
  • Resilience in Collisions: In soft collisions, this innovative device recovers its original shape, whilst in more intense impacts absorbs effectively the effects, minimizing the damage and guaranteeing road safety.
  • Modules: With flexible configuration options, from basic attenuators to a combination as, 1st module and universal module for extended protection. It can be used up to 6 modules according to the level of traffic risk.


Convenient and Functional Design:
  • Self-filling System: Equipped with upper and lower caps to ease the filling and draining, optimizing the device’s maintenance.
  • Night Visibility: Incorporates high retroreflection arrows and a lamp with solar energy for an optimal visibility during night or areas with low light.
  • Regulatory Compliance: This device complies with  NOM-008-SCT2-2013, guaranteeing its conformity in traffic safety.


Efficient Energy and Sustainability:  

  • Solar Energy: With a bright lamp powered by solar energy, the Highway Traffic Attenuator operates in an autonomous and sustainable way. 
  • Extended Time Functioning: After 20 hours of solar charge, the device can work up to 70 hours in flashing mode, ensuring a long durability and reducing the need of a constant maintenance.
  • Eco Friendly Design: Its solid structure is manufactured in piece, guaranteeing great resistance to environment, UV rays and temperature extreme changes.


Optical Innovation:

  • Improved Reflectors: Using 8 small convex mirrors that surround each LED, strengthening the light and improving visibility. LED are fixed on a 3.5 in reflector center for efficient lighting.
  • High Visibility Lenses: Equipped with red lenses for a safe and clear signaling.



  • Length: 37.7 in
  • Height: 4.6 ft
  • Width: 4.1
  • Volume: 248 gal.
  • 1st Module Volume: 203 gal.
  • Universal Module Volume: 176 gal
  • Colors: Yellow or blue. Reflective Sheeting: White


In conclusion, the Highway Traffic Attenuator arises as a comprehensive and sustainable solution for traffic impact management, combining efficiency, durability and innovative technology to guarantee security in our streets and motorways.

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